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Comida Regional Nortena

Cabrito a la Parrilla  
Grilled baby goat, a delicacy of Northern Mexico, served family style with rice, charro beans, guacamole, & pico de gallo.

Cabrito en Salsa  
Baby goat topped with salsa de tomate. Served with charro beans, rice & pico de gallo.

Guiso Norteño  
Beef tenderloin or chicken stew in roasted tomato salsa & topped with cheese. Served with refried beans.

Guiso Picoso  
Beef stew with diced green peppers, onion, tomatoes, jalapeños, spicy. Served with rice & refried beans.

Asado de Puerco  
Pork in salsa de chile ancho. Served with rice & refried beans.

First in Dallas to introduce “sweet breads.” Served with onions & charro beans.

Fried tripe. Served with rice & charro beans.

Carne Adobada  
Pork loin, marinated in chile ancho. Cooked and served with rice & refried beans.

Beef or chicken pounded thin, breaded & fried. Served with salad & fries.